Reporting for Clients

GAVS Operations is committed to offer our clients the highest level of staff reporting and transparency. This detailed labour reporting, promotes long term confidence and trust in our services, making it a clear point of difference for GAVS, in the market.

GAVS utilises 3 key forms of reporting to manage your site at all times.

Our clients are also provided their own convenient login access to these reports if required.

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Report 1: For Quality of Service. I Auditor

The I – Auditor Report allows photos to be taken and stored next to each line item, of the clients cleaning specifications. An I Pad or mobile phone can be used to conduct the report, during a site walk through with the client. The progress of resolving issues, is easily tracked by automatic emails & sms messaging. At the end of the inspection, the service level is marked out of 100% based on the rating of each cleaning area. The result is signed off by the client and kept as a record towards achieving the KPI. GAVS Operations team has noticed that those clients investing the time to regularly conduct these quality inspections with us, using I Auditor, confirm the highest levels of service delivery and satisfaction resulting in long term contract renewal with GAVS.


Report 2 : For Live Staff Tracking . Lighthouse

This Lighthouse Report allows live location reports of cleaning staff on site to be monitored remotely, from any location, via a convenient log in app. It measures the speed of completion of tasks and locations serviced within each building. In other words, it is easy to see how many minutes are spent in the toilets as the staff member then moves to the foyer areas for example. It also allows for monitoring faster repairs during emergencies and task allocation. Small beacons  are installed at key locations, which pick up the signal as the staff member moves past the beacon. This enables both the client  and GAVS to track the actual location of staff in real time.


*The circled staff icons show the location of workers on site.

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Click on image to view a larger version

Report 3 :  Sign in / Sign out Time tracking . Deputy

The Deputy report is a “sign in and sign out” record that captures a photo and time of the staff member, as they enter and leave the site each day or on completion of the work that has been scheduled. It allows for accurate payroll records, increases performance and reduces absences. It is important to GAVS that our clients receive the correct labour time, they have accepted as part of the service agreement. This Deputy report, prepares electronic time sheets, that are not subject to any chance of dispute, by all stakeholders.

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