GAVS Group utilises the most up to date technology to track its staff and one of the apps used is I CLEAN.

For details on how I Clean works to track staff and improve efficiency refer to the information below.

iClean App

Remarkably simple, iClean is a run sheet and checklist integrated into a real-time digital device in your cleaner’s hand.  Can you imagine your cleaning team having a run sheet on their trolley that is dynamically accurate to today’s cleaning requirements?

Simple to Set Up

  • Use a drag and drop feature to quickly set up your facility sections, areas and cleaner’s run sheets
    • Schedule complete sections with full week view
    • Cleaning instructions including pics and videos can be built behind each task
    • Audit action items appear directly onto correct run sheet allowing instant rectification and closed loop validation

Easy to Use

  • Cleaner has run sheet with clean types allocated for today’s clean
    • Ability to change clean type if a service clean or other type of clean is more appropriate based on today’s challenges
    • Checklist on right hand side allows checking of tasks before FINISH sign off
    • Extra tasks can be recorded if facility staff request extra services

iClean Dashboards

1nsight Dashboards  improve cleaning management by being able to measure exactly what is happening at your operational level. You will quickly see that both average transit times and average cleaning times vary widely across all facilities, and when you take a closer look you will see that these same averages vary across all your staff.

You can keep an eye on the variations across your facilities and staff, giving you insight into the areas you need to focus on and enabling you to achieve your quality and efficiency goals.


Key Features

  • Real time daily run sheets
    • Clearly shows clean type
    • Capture extra tasks
    • Include training info and videos
    • Record cleaner identified issues
    • Available on smart watches

Dashboard Insights

  • View real time cleaning progress showing where each cleaner is up to
    • Compare Cleaning Time vs Transit Time across your various sections and staff
    • Track what cleaning has been performed in any section or area over any period of time
    • Measure planned against actual cleaning allowing you to modify your cleaning run