In the hospitality industry – GAVS recognises, that cost control of staff overhead expenses, is a critical issue. We understand this is the key in maintaining profitable operations. To obtain a GAVS Hospitality Capability Statement contact our Sales department or email

For this reason, many hotel and hospitality providers seek to outsource certain staff costs, to realize the valuable revenue and time  saving . This valuable time saving, allows our clients, to focus on their marketing activities to bring in guests.

The benefits to a hospitality manager or hotel owner are:

  • Remove all variable costs in housekeeping as well as public areas.
  • Our clients are able to remove all costs & admin associated with payroll i.e wages, superannuation, workers compensation and payroll tax.
  • Eliminate direct costs such as recruitment and training
  • Eliminate other indirect costs that cannot be quantified such as staff maintenance and wellbeing which are absorbed by GAVS Hospitality
  • Our client is thus able to budget better as costs are related to occupancy.

GAVS Hospitality key services include:

Guest Services : GAVS staff are well trained to handle a variety of requests from guests to help make the service during their stay memorable and enjoyable. Our dedicated services include pick up of guest items, providing additional bedding or replacing missing items

Linen and Laundry Management : GAVS will assist with managing laundry costs by managing in house laundries, linen hire and servicing of linen owned and hired by the hotel

Turndown: Our staff ensure turndown service is managed efficiently with your brand standards in a friendly and obliging manner.

Minibar: GAVS staff manage all aspects of the minibar, from replacement of used items and managing of stock.

Lost Property : Our Hospitality staff provide secure storage and record keeping of all valuables.

Room Condition Quality Inspections and Reporting : Our team will inspect the condition of each hotel room, including toiletries &  electronic items that may require repair or replacement.

Amenities Management : Our service team will make sure that all room toiletries are replaced in a hygienic and  manner to maintain daily stocking of these items at an optimum level.

  • Housekeeping and Hotel  Room cleaning
  • Public Area Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • High Dusting
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning