GAVS Commercial Cleaning

GAVS GROUP – has a commercial cleaning division which was originally established in 1996. Our Commercial Cleaning division includes over 250 staff in 4 states and focuses its services on the following areas : Commercial / Office Cleaning, Retail Cleaning and Education. To obtain a GAVS Commercial Cleaning Capability Statement – contact our sales department or email

Commercial / Office Cleaning/ Strata :

In the Commercial environment –  cleaning is achieved during day hours or after hours  by a well trained staff to achieve consistent outcomes each day with detailed and regular QC  audits. Our cleaning team is well presented and they make sure that equipment and chemicals used on site are of a standard that delivers the best outcome.

Your specifications at each site are carefully noted in writing so that our staff can refer to them regularly for quality control inspections.  Our clients are also assisted with allied services such as paper products, Hygiene and Sanitation, Window Cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning as well as strip and seal of flooring.  Our Client base includes

  • Engineering Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Food Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Strata Residential / Commercial
  • Final or Initial Cleaning & Builders Cleaning.

Retail Cleaning:

With numerous shopping centers clients across NSW – we have developed a detailed and experience staff to manage all types of retail related cleaning ranging from the carparks to the interior food courts and common areas. With a 1 hour max response time for any issue our shopping clients can be assured  and confident that any problem relating to their tenants or customers will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Education Division:

Our client base includes Government Schools, Private Colleges, Universities, Early Learning Centers and Child Care. All staff have Working with Children accreditation and are also able to assist with waste minimization if needed, washroom services or paper products. In addition, during school holidays our staff specialize in periodical cleaning that might be needed such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning or power washing walkways and high dusting . A high work rate per square metre is maintained by our staff to achieve the desired outcomes as economically as possible- without sacrificing quality of results. To obtain a Childcare Cleaning Capability Statement- contact our sales department or email