About GAVS Group

Our Values

The GAVS Group prides itself on making sure our clients receive the service delivery we promise, without excuses. It is really that simple.

The story behind the development of our corporate logo gives an insight into the long term goals that drive our staff and management team. The shield on the left of the logo represents the  security services  of the company and the “7 stars” represent the key performance indicators that inspire us  to deliver an outcome that exceeds your  expectations.

Why GAVS Group is consistently selected and trusted in the market place

Brand Protection – We understand the importance of our brand and that of our clients
Partnership Approach – We enter into relationships, with the right client and under the right terms
High Client Retention – our long-term clients and references, reinforces our values of consistently delivering quality service
Communication – We have a 1 hour time limit to respond to a client’s phone call or email and guarantee a cascade of information internally and to our clients
Systems and Procedures – We have business systems that have been certified nationally and Internationally, such as ISO 9001
Quality Audits – GAVS Staff are trained to consistently achieve higher than average KPI scores
Cutting Edge Technology – We introduce electronic systems to meet compliance and statutory requirements across our business

Our Work Philosophy involves the following :

  •  ensuring that we have documented our clients’ cleaning specifications for the site
  •  committing to specific time benchmarks for completion
  •  instituting quality control procedures that involve frequent inspections of work sites by our management team
  •  a belief that careful staff training and supervision is the only way to guarantee consistent delivery of a high standard of service
  •  ensuring that business systems in our head office provide full accountability to clients and management
  •  complying with all Occupational Health and Safety and other relevant government regulations.