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Power washing of walkways walls and courtyards

It is often very useful to conduct a six-monthly power washing of walkways and courtyards in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. This process removes ingrained dirt and mould and delivers a clean and pleasant result without the use of harsh chemicals. Our high pressure service can also be used to freshen up public toilets, kitchen areas, parking lots and stone or brick walls. It is also an efficient method for removing leaves and dirt from roofing or guttering.


Strip and Seal of Flooring

Often vinyl or even stone or marble flooring can lose its shine over the years. Correctly removing the top layer and resealing the flooring will leave it looking fresh and actually make it easier to clean. Our technicians carefully assess every floor before treatment so that the result is both instantly effective and long lasting. Our team has conducted this service in the foyers of many 5-star hotels with a high degree of success.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Often cleaning a commercial kitchen is our first point of contact with a potential new client and, due to our high standards of quality in this area, this has often led to us winning a larger, regular janitorial cleaning contract. The dirt in a commercial kitchen is often hidden behind appliances and our service ensures that our staff regularly dismantle ovens, fryers, cookers, canopy hoods and exhaust systems to attack the build-up of dirt and grease. In fact, it has been proven that regular cleaning can reduce the chance of kitchen fires. Oven cooktops and splashbacks are also treated with steam to break down stubborn soiling. Care is also taken to make sure kitchen floors are adequately degreased and that fats and oils are removed from taps, drains and basins.


High Dusting

In modern buildings dust quickly accumulates on air conditioning ducts, eaves, window sills, support beams and pipes. Removing this dust on a regular basis reduces the chance of it being continually recycled through your office via the air conditioning system. Regular treatment via high dusting has been shown to improve the air quality of any office or hospitality environment. Our technicians take great care to make sure that the dust and spider webs that are removed in this process are collected via drop cloths and that no computers or other interior items are soiled during the cleaning process.