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Our staff can provide both day and after-hours cleaning services to maintain the cleaning standard of commercial properties without interrupting the operation of your business. We can also provide regular reports on the progress of each site at pre-specified intervals. We are dedicated to making the facility manager's job easier by being able to ask us, one primary supplier, for any cleaning requirement, avoiding the delay or cost of tracking down multiple suppliers. Your specifications for the cleaning schedule at each site are carefully noted so that our staff can refer to them as a means of maintaining quality.

 We also assist clients in achieving the highest levels possible of reducing their carbon footprint by introducing biodegradable chemicals, microfibre cloths and mops and, where possible, using steam rather than chemicals in the cleaning process.

In the critical area of site security, GAVS Group has an exemplary track record, one which has earned us the trust of many defence and government departments across Australia.

For more information on how our dedicated Commercial Cleaning staff can assist your property please contact Victor Lopes, General Manager, at Victor or on 0414 974 797.