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Due to high incoming and outgoing activity the warehouse area of any business can quickly accumulate dirt, grease and grime. These areas still need effective and cost-efficient attention in order to adequately maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness. The warehouse floor is a key area to assess: a concrete floor might be easily swept or vacuumed but carpeted surfaces may attract dirt and need more attention. We have often found that warehouse staff notice that the bathroom facilities in the administration sections are in better shape than those in the warehouse, but with a bit of effort and the correct cleaning agents it is possible to achieve and maintain a good standard of cleanliness in these areas. CBS currently cleans and maintains warehouse facilities for a range of clients in the fashion, food and beverage, electrical machinery and hospitality industries.

 With both costs and the environment in mind, waste areas within warehouses are assessed so that our clients manage to recycle the maximum of wood, paper and plastic products in order to achieve the highest level of rebates. Coordinating the recycling of waste with the cleaning team is a key strategy of CBS in helping our clients achieve the highest 'green  rating' possible.