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CBS has particular expertise in managing health clubs and gyms. In fact, many of the hotel properties serviced by our associated company, GAVS Hospitality, have in-house gyms and health facilities. Our staff are particularly trained to deal with reducing the appearance of dirt in high traffic areas such as showers, toilets and lockers. It is usually the corners or rooms that clients notice as well In addition, CBS can provide unique methods of reducing odours such as special sprays that are set at intervals of five or ten minutes to ensure that the men’s and women’s bathrooms smell and look fresh at all times.

Gym equipment is carefully monitored to reduce the build-up of dust, hand prints and sweat and is systematically wiped down to maintain the enticing environment of the gym. In high traffic gyms, CBS staff are able to offer a midday refresh service to maintain the aesthetic and cleanliness standards of your facility. Our staff also pay particular attention to common areas such as juice bars or barista areas. These are the places where your gym clients relax and as such they are more likely to notice if the standards of cleanliness are below those of the rest of your facility.

Talk to our CBS sales staff to find out how your gym can begin to achieve cost savings in its cleaning expenses without sacrificing quality.