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Certification – Appliance Test/ Tag

Appliance Test Tag

According to Australian standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010 Electrical equipment needs to be regularly tested for safety.


The types of equipment that needs to be tested include the following:

a) Portable, handheld appliances designed for connection to power supply using a power cord.
b) Power cord extensions and outlet devices.
c) Power cords connected to fixed equipment in an area where they would be subject to physical abuse exposure to moisture, heat, vibration, corrosive chemicals or dust.
d) Commercial and Industrial battery charges
e) Portable or transportable heavy duty tools.


The test and tag process includes :

1) External Inspection of equipment and connecting facilities and checking for obvious damage or defect.
2) Protective earth Continuity test
3) Insulation testing
4) Confirmation of the correct polarity of live connections


As each appliance type is different there,  are different required testing intervals of 3, 6 or 12 months or 2 years. Since a malfunctioning electrical device can cause a fire or injury it is now increasingly important to comply with appliance testing regulations. The Gavs Group makes sure that its own equipment such as vacuum cleaners and scrubbers are tested and tagged for compliance and is now certified to conduct this inspection of electrical devices located at your site.


If a device fails any part of the Test and Tag process – the equipment is appropriately labelled to indicate that it requires remedial action and that it should be withdrawn from service.