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Case studies

Fashion Client : A client mentioned to us that there are consistent smells in the bathrooms. Our Gavs Group staff investigated the bathrooms and found that there was no window  ventilation and that the extraction fans were relatively small accounting for a musty smell. We proposed a special scented plastic disk ( Cotton Blossom Scent ) that could be attached at the rear of each toilet cistern at a miminal. These disks have been used in the cruise ship industry to reduce smells. The client was very pleased with the result and also that the need for pungent aerosol sprays could be reduced.

Medical Client: A leading X ray group was continually faced with high disposable paper costs. Our Gavs Group staff investigated the problem and was able to recommend a private label paper brand for handtowels, toilet paper and tissue at savings of 30% over the brand names without sacrificing quality.

Shopping Center Client: A major shopping center client was continually complaining of theft and damage of toilet roll dispensers in its public bathrooms. Gavs Group was able to negotiate free dispensors with keys for the client and have them installed at the center to reduce waste and improve the appearance at the site.

Warehouse Water Damage: A clothing distributor contracted Gavs Group late on a Friday after heavy rains to ask for urgent assistance to remove a large pool of water and to dry out a carpet. Our Operations manager was able to obtain wet vacs to remove the water and fans to dry out the carpet and was at the site within 1 hour to assist with the emergency.

Heritage Listed Shopping Mail : A landmark Sydney CBS shppping mall that had dirty masonary walls requested a cleaning solution that would not involve high pressure cleaning and would not damage the 100 year old masonary. The GAVS Group was able to propose a solution that involved careful steam cleaning of the stone without damaging the structure in any way and the process cleaned away over 10 years of dirt and grime in time for the Xmas shopping season.

Installation of Security Camera: A shopping center client required a cost effective solution to view their shopping center via I phone applications. the Gavs Group was able to manage the process to achieve the desired outcome so that now the center can be viewed by the owners even if they are travelling internationally