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SYDNEY OFFICE CALL - 1300 576 730

Robert Lillington - General Manager - 0499-118 520
Reetu Sharma - Office Manager – 0401 082239

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jobs and craeers at Gavs Group


The Gavs group is always looking for employees with experience in the following fields :

1: hospitality Careers


Housekeeping and common area cleaning: if you have experience with working in  5 star hotels please contact us care of Robert Lillington National Hospitality Manager.


2: sales & marketing Careers


If you have experience in selling relating to the cleaning Industry please call Alan Serebro Marketing Manager

Telesales: if you have experience in making outbound calls and sceduling appointment please call Alan Serebro Marketing Manager.



Gavs Group Case Studies

3: Operations Careers


If you have more than  3 years experience managing  cleaning operations please call Victor Lopes.