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sustainability and environmental careThe GAVS Group is dedicated to reducing the unnecessary use of chemicals and disposable paper products that may harm the environment. To achieve this goal, all staff are trained to utilise microfibre cloths and to avoid the excessive use of chemicals. We have implemented this policy across our client base and have been rewarded with much praise and positive feedback. We do not believe, for example, that a bathroom needs to reek of bleach to be clean and to that end we understand the 'win-win' situation of using effective but environmentally sound neutral treatments.

The GAVS Group has also developed a relationship with a large international recycling company to promote segregation of waste—the separation of the waste stream into paper, metal, plastic, etc—so that our clients can achieve rebates on these waste streams. This is achieved by ensuring that our cleaning and recycling staff are coordinated to maximise recycling results for our clients. Making sure that the correct receptacles for waste are made available is part of our focus for the future as an environmentally-aware company.