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Robert Lillington - General Manager - 0499-118 520
Reetu Sharma - Office Manager – 0401 082239

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Our Values


The GAVS Group prides itself on making sure our clients receive the service delivery we promise, without excuses. It is really that simple. Our staff are extensively trained to deliver a quality outcome, on time and on budget. We are also dedicated to responding quickly to our clients via email or phone so that your needs are attended to as quickly as possible. These values have earned us many client referrals and provide the foundation for the awards we have received for our services. They are also the fundamental reason for the years of loyalty shown to us by our clients.


Our Work Philosophy involves the following :


  • ensuring that we have documented our clients’ cleaning specifications for the site
  • committing to specific time benchmarks for completion
  • instituting quality control procedures that involve frequent inspections of work sites by our management team
  • a belief that careful staff training and supervision is the only way to guarantee consistent delivery of a high standard of service
  • ensuring that business systems in our head office provide full accountability to clients and management
  • complying with all Occupational Health and Safety and other relevant government regulations.