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referral rewards program

The Gavs Group has a very generous Referral Rewards Program for our referral partners such including property managers, lawyers, accountants,  strata companies that steer clients in our direction  . This referral commission is a fixed percentage of the gross value of the work that is referred to the Gavs Group and is paid to you -  over the life of the contract. The longer we retain each  cleaning contract,  the longer your organization will benefit will the trail income flow.  If you are an existing client and you refer us to a new client that signs up with our company for a long term service contract- you will also benefit in the same manner. We are prepared to pay these generous referral commissions because it helps us to cut the time and cost of sourcing new clients – this saving is significant and we are always grateful to share this will our referral partners. To start the process all you need to do is email us so there is a record of the referral and we will reply and confirm our intention to meet the client. We will also advise you if our quote has been successful and begin the Referral Reward. All referrals are subject to a credit check and the Gavs Group reserves the right to reject any referral subject to a credit report or prior history of trading with the Gavs Group.